Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland


WebReg Tips

  • The pin number used for WebReg is the same PIN as TeleReg.
  • Click here to go direct to Webreg.


Freephone 0800 980 8565, Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

The system allows you to telephone a Freephone number to register calves and apply for a passport at the same time, should you wish to.

Each member is given a unique PIN number which you will be asked for when you call and then a set process will be followed and each stage of the registration will be checked at the same time. A Direct Debit form needs to be completed before your pin number will be issued.

A log book is provided for each member to help you have the information required for the registrations to hand and will also act as a record of the animals you have registered.

Anyone wishing to apply for a passport via the Freephone number must do so within fourteen days from the date of birth of the calf and must also complete a Passport Application Authorisation Form.

Telereg Benefits

  1. No duplication of information thereby cutting down on paperwork and so saving money.
  2. Cost of systems spread over all Dairy Breeds thus allowing us the use of modern technology that we could not afford by ourselves.
  3. Access to all your records 24 hours a day, so you can use them when you want and not just during office hours.
  4. Private Pin Number allows you to be in charge of your own information.
  5. By using your Pin you can permit your Vet, Feed Advisor, etc to use your information to check your health records for herd fertility, energy levels, bull fertility etc on the web without them bothering you thereby saving valuable time for you and your cows with potentially enormous savings in cash terms and in cow welfare.
  6. All the data for Welfare schemes and the new Land Management schemes can be accessed easily without cluttering your office full of paper.
  7. System is compatible with all other systems used by Farm Consultants, Advisors, etc thus making re-entering of information unnecessary.
  8. Allows small Societies like ours to retain our independence and have full control over their genetic information while still having the strength of all the other Societies on their side.
  9. Data can be sourced and sent by our Office staff directly to the Centre for Information allowing us to cut our staff costs considerably while giving a better service to our members.
  10. MDC information like bull proofs and cow indexes will be more accurate and up to date especially for health and longevity scores.

It is becoming increasingly apparent with the increased threats from TB and such that the value of a pedigree registration and classification should not be overlooked. If it has been some time since you registered any animals with us please contact the office when we can discuss the best way forward to bring your herd up to date.

At the February Council 2007 meeting a decision was taken to levy a £2 surcharge from 1st July 2007 on registrations going through the office rather than direct to the CDI by the Telereg/Webreg system. However, registrations via Telereg/WebReg will not be subject to this surcharge.

The office staff will of course deal with any problems that occur, but if your records are accurate and up to date, Telereg is quick and easy.

Cost of Registering females via Telereg/Webreg (effective from 1st January 2024)

    • Females registered under 3 months of age £12.00 + VAT
    • All females registered over 3 months of age £25.00 + VAT


    Cost of Registering females via Office (effective from 1st January 2024)

    • Females registered under 3 months of age £14.00 + VAT
    • All females registered over 3 months of age £27.00 + VAT


    Cost of Registering males (effective from 1st January 2022)

      • 0-60 days of age £12.50 + VAT with a free Genomic test for the animal (chargeable if the parent average is under £150 PLI)
      • 61-180 days of age £25.00 + VAT
      • 181-365 days of age £50.00 + VAT
      • All males over 365 days of age £200.00 + VAT

      Vatable rate charged is 20% on all registrations.