Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Ayrshires Cattle Society Photographic Competition

Use the buttons below to change the classes you are viewing. Then for each class, choose a first, second and third place.  When you have chosen these places for each class, click on the voting form button, and fill in the relevant details - You name and email address and then your placings in each class - ie A1, A3, A4, B2, B6, B8 etc. Once you have filled in all the boxes, please press the submit button to send your vote.

  • Class A
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Class A: Under 6 Months

Class B: 6-12 Months

Class C: 12-18 Months

Class D: 18-24 Months

Class E: 2 Yrs in milk

Class F: 3 Yrs in Milk

Class G: 4 Yrs in Milk

Class H: 5 Yrs in Milk

Class I: 6-7 Yrs old in Milk

Class J: 8yrs and Above in Milk

Class K: Red and White Heifer in milk

Class L: Red & White Cow in Milk

Class M: Amateur Photo

Class N: Scenic Photo