Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

About the Society

The Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland created its Herd Book in 1877 and has since been recording ancestry and descendants of cow families successfully with an aim to promote and improve the Ayrshire breed of cattle and to develop breed advantages to keep the breed at the forefront of modern genetics.

The Society functions are membership driven with a council of breeders overseeing policies, and with day-to-day operations managed by a small team of dedicated staff. A number of events are organised each year for breeders participation including Conferences, Judging days and Young Breeders events. There are 21 Ayrshire clubs located throughout Great Britain and Ireland where events and socials are held through local clubs. A breed journal is published twice a year, as well as regular news and updates displayed on its website and on the Society social media platforms.

The society is responsible to protect the heritage of the Ayrshire Breed and for all ancestry recording in its computerised Herd Book and also the type classification scheme with the results contributing to linear proofs and type analysis for individuals as well as the whole population. It provides each animal with a pedigree registration, which is a comprehensive document showing three generations of parentage along with milk records, type classification and breeding values.

Its partners, Cattle Services (Ayr) Ltd provide a wide variety of UK Ayrshire genetics to dairy farmers throughout the United Kingdom and to the overseas market. Please visit their website at www.cattleservices.org