Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland


Become a member - Reasons to register

Membership of the Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland continues to offer dairy farmers great value. Society membership provides the opportunity for like-minded people to be part of a national and global organisation where the common interest is the promotion and the welfare of the Ayrshire cow. Professional and social activities organised by Society over the years have provided many Ayrshire breeders with an expansion of knowledge, great experiences, and lifetime friendships.

Your membership brings the opportunity to register both males and females into the breeds Herd book which was formed back in 1877. Registering your stock allows you to fulfil much more from cattle breeding, opening the door to type classification, genetic growth, Society awards and to take part in national competitions. Part of the work of the Ayrshire Cattle Society is to give recognition, through its Merit Schemes, to those animals which have further distinguished themselves in type and production, giving promise of breeding superior animals in the future.

Increased Value

Pedigree status greatly enhances the value of your farming assests, individual animals, and brings extra security in times of environmental disasters or disease. Pedigree cattle have no ceiling value.

Apply Online

If you would like to submit an online membership application, please ensure that all fields are completed in the form and that the information entered is accurate.