Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

The value of pedigree easily outweighs the cost of a registration

13th November 2023

The value of a registered animal should not be overlooked. Pedigree animals consistently trade at a higher value than non-pedigree animals. Pedigree registration also allows access to vital genetic information on each animal including production traits and (PLI) Profitable Lifetime Index, along with full traceability on its ancestry.

Registered Ayrshires also have access to type classification and genomic testing which all help to improve your herd. All registered animals can be viewed on the ACS website and their genetic credentials are immediately updated after each proof run.

The value of pedigree easily outweighs the cost of a registration for an Ayrshire which makes registering very cost effective to your business.

If you are behind on registrations or wish to grade up a non-pedigree herd, please contact us on Tel: 01292 471292

Members can register via Webreg by using their unique PIN number or by Telereg. Full details can be found here  https://www.ayrshirescs.org/ayrshires-cattle-society/society/registration/

At a meeting of the Ayrshire Council on Wednesday 1st November 2023, it was unanimously agreed that the bands of registration would be changed and the fees for registering females will be adjusted as follows:

Effective from 1st January 2024

All females registered via Webreg/Telereg

Females registered under 3 months old £12.00 + VAT.

All females registered over 3 months old £25.00 + VAT.

All females registered via the ACS office will incur a surcharge of £2.00 per animal.