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Conference Sale 2023

21st April 2023

We are pleased to begin announcing the lots for this year's conference sale which will be held at the Annual Conference in Derbyshire. 

For the first time since 2019, we are delighted to include two live lots along with some exciting embryo packages and Semen lots from Cattle Services, along with lots kindly donated by members to raise funds for the World Ayrshire Conference 2024. 




Wanting to place a bid?

Bids can be accepted on the night by either calling Amy Armstrong on 07925 529821 or Claire Kimm on 07967 810042.

To bid on MartEye you will need to register under Exeter Livestock Centre. You will need to fill in all your details and then select request to bid.

Once you have requested to bid, you will need to send a message to Mark Davis on 07773 371 774 or let Amy in the office know so you will be approved to bid.



100% Ayrshire Consigned by John Suffern. 

This December 2022 born heifer sired by Swaites Nickle is from the world renown Ravenhill Ethel family and sells at the 2023 ACS Conference sale. Her dam is Ravenhill Burdette Ethel 4 EX92, and this offering has the potential to be the 6th generation of Excellent. This is a rare opportunity to invest into an outstanding Ayrshire family which will be sure to enhance any herd and generate for you an exciting new family as a major asset to your business. Consistency, production, milk quality, type, and longevity are what is on offer. The potential value cannot be understated!

  1. 7 Generations VG/EX (5 most recent all Excellent)
  2. Dam Ravenhill Burdette Ethel 4 EX92 Currently in her third lactation. Her first two lactation average 8,330kgs 4.45% bf 4.9% ptn
  3. Previous five generations all classified Excellent and together have averaged 8,685kgs 5.9% bf 3.40% ptn.
  4. A history of Star Brood cows
  5. Index PLI £149 Milk 73kg Fat 0.11% Ptn 0.03% (Calculated 4/23 AHDB)

Sire Stack of Ravenhill Nickle Ethel 2 - Sire stack - Nickle X EX92 Burdette X EX90 Jurist X EX91 Nelson X EX93 Torpane X EX91 Lord Ontario X VG85 First Command X EX90 Nepturne

Click HERE to view her full pedigree


LOT 2 - Tristar Hail R Jemima

91.40625% Ayrshire Consigned by Chris and Connie Creeper 

A young calf out of possibly one of the most perfectly formed Ayrshire cows ever to exist in the UK! An April 2023 born calf out of Gargus Jemima 3 EX97(7E) LP80 sired by Brieryside Hail offers you unlimited potential to build on this relatively newly developed family. Gargus Jemima 3 is undefeated in the show ring and within on farm competitions, and has a lifetime production, so far, of over 88,000 kgs. An investment into such a promising prospect must be considered by any breeding enthusiast.

  1. Her Dam Gargus Jemima 3 EX97 7E LP80 is one of two of the highest classified living Ayrshire cows in the UK.
  2. Dam has eight recorded lactations averaging 10,330kgs 4.39% fat 3.04% ptn.
  3. Dams highest recording 12,856kgs 5.11% fat
  4. Dam scored over 95 pts for five continuous lactations and is the highest classified Ayrshire
  5. Three maternal sisters to Hail R Jemima scored VG
  6. Dams show success:

ABAB Class winner & Honourable Champion 2011
Devon County Show Breed Champion 2016 2017 2018 2019
Devon County Show Interbreed Champion 2019
Royal Cornwall Show Breed and Interbreed Champion 2018
All Britain Photo Competition Champion 8yrs and Over 2020

Sire Stack of Tristar Hail R Jemima - Hail X EX97 Reality X Heligo X Concord X Rebel X Allstar

Click HERE to view her full pedigree. 


LOT 3 Embryo offering

4 Embryos by a mutually agreeable sire X Sandyford Real Punchy ET EX94 2E Consigned by Chris and Connie Creeper

The possibility of investing into this superb package would be to many, just a dream. Well, this dream is real, and the offer is waiting for investment. One of the most consistent and well-known cow families in the Ayrshire breed is the Punch family. Longevity, outstanding production, massive milk solids and a history of Brood cows is on offer. Sandyford Real Punchy is ready to flush at Waterford Farm. Agree the perfect breeding for her with Chris and Connie and 4 embryos will shortly be on their way to you.

  1. Both maternal sisters to the embryos scored VG at 2 yrs.
  2. Dam has scored EX96 for Dairy Character and Mammary on her last two inspections
  3. Embryos descend from 3 generations Excellent.
  4. Dam Sandyford Real Punchy ET EX94 2E 5 lactation average yield 9,808kgs 5.61% bf 3.17% ptn
  5. G Dam to embryos Middle Punchs Emerald Blend EX95 7E 8 Star Brood cow and LP100
  6. Her 10-lactation average 8,924kgs 5.40% bf 3.40% ptn
  7. From one of the breeds most respected cow families
  8. All Britain Photo Competition Champion 6-7yr Old 2020
  9. Real Punchy has peaked at 55kgs in her 6th lactation.

Sire Stack of Sandyford Real Punchy -  EX94 Reality X EX95 Milestone Emerald X EX93 Ranger X Prize Link X EX Wizard

Click HERE to view her full pedigree. 


Semen Lots - Consigned by Cattle Services (AYR) Ltd

WAXHAM EXECUTIVE X 10 Straws 100% Ayr

(McCornick Nelson x Waxham Evergreen 129 EX94)
Only a limited amount of semen was ever available from this 2004 born ET son out of the impressive Waxham Evergreen 129. He continues to be an improver on volume of production and carries an overall type of 1.5. Expect daughters to exhibit great strength through the front end and to improve mammary traits especially strength in the fore udder attachment and strength in rear ligament support.
A well-known daughter of Executive is the 2015 Royal Highland Show Champion Brieryside Executive Sparky 7 EX93.

 ATTWELL AMADEUS X 10 Straws 100% Ayr

(Dilham Dougal X Upper Woodhead Apricot 3 EX94 2E LP60)
The Dam of Amadeus held the record as the highest price Ayrshire sold at auction for several years selling for 10,000gns in 1994 to the Attwell herd. His typical daughters show prominence through chest width, teat placement and strength through the pasterns. Production wise, improvements with butterfat and protein percentage will be seen and he has a huge daughter fertility index of 12.
His most well-known daughter has to be West Mossgiel Miss Modern 5 EX93 2E 4 Stars who is the dam of both West Mossgiel Modern Reality and Troutbeck Skyfall.


(McCornick Nelson X Pylon Easled EX95 6E LP100 6 Stars)
A sire which needs no introduction having had many great daughters, not only in the UK, but also in Australia. Popular for improving production volume and reducing SCC leads him to continue to have his place in today’s breeding programmes. Typical daughters excel through their openness and depth through the rib, tight fore udder attachments and height through the rear udder. Breeders comment on the great temperament of Mandella daughters.
A recognised daughter of Mandella is Cuthill Towers Radar Ray 13 EX94 who was the National Ayrshire Show Champion in 2015.


(Palmyra Tri Star Burdette X Whitecroft Nellie 38 EX94 5E 3 Stars)
This Burdette son comes from a cow family which continue to excel in the Whitecroft herd, and he offers breeders daughters with great temperament and daughter fertility. They have deep bodies and excel through chest width, rear udder support, and carry good teat length. He has worked particularly well in many herds, and we see many VG/EX daughters currently classified.
His Dam Whitecroft Nellie 38 is a Star Brood cow.

SWAITES DERMOTT SEXED X 5 Straws 89.0625% Ayr (Qualifies for Northern Ireland)

(West Mossgiel Modern Reality X Swaites Dilly 4 EX91 2E LP60)
A younger sire with many positives for today’s breeding programmes showing a positive PLI and plus for milk yield and butterfat’s. He will improve on SCC and daughter fertility along with excelling for legs and feet and udder depth.
A daughter, Halmyre Urr Blossom was Reserve Junior Champion at the Borderway UK Expo in 2020 at just 5 months old.


LOT 4 - Embryo offering

4 Grade 1 Sorted IVF embryos Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette x Palmyra Calimero R Rosy EX92 100% Ayrshire Consigned by Palmyra Farm

From the World-famous Rosy Family in the USA, breeders can invest into a family which have had a huge influence on the Ayrshire breed all over the world. Proven for great production, prolific show winners and consistently producing genetics for worldwide distribution has earnt the Rosy family its place as one of the best available. The great Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette is the sire of these embryos. He has produced some of the best cows and AI bulls for numerous countries and continues to impact the breed. The embryos have been collected at Palmyra and are awaiting shipment to the UK. There is no doubt that this offering will bring endless income potential and new opportunities to the successful breeder who makes the final bid!

  1. 5 Generations EX/VG (Last 4 generations all EX) 
  2. Sire Stack - Burdette x EX92 Calimero x EX93 Romeo x EX90 Lovers Heligos x EX91 Reno x VG87 Sultans Bandit 
  3. Rosy family have received endless All-American awards and nominations. 
  4. Dam of embryos is Palmyra Calimero R Rosy EX92 averaged 10,575kgs 4.1%bf 3.5%ptn in 5 lactations. 
  5. Dam2 of embryos is Palmyra Romeo Rosy EX93 averaged 14,431kgs 4.3%bf 3.5%ptn in 6 lactations. 
  6. Dam3 of embryos is Galney-EPC LH Rosy EX90 who is also the GDam of the world-renowned two-time WDE Grand Champion Palmyra Berkely P Ruth EX94. 
  7. Embryos are closely related to top sires including Palmyra Tri Star Reality, Palmyra Berkely Reagan, Palmyra Jerrys Rhythm, Palmyra Lochinvar Reynolds, Palmyra Poker Riggins, Palmyra Power Remsberg. 

Sire of embryos is Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette # proven high type # great production # good Index # Sire of endless Champions worldwide. 

World Ayrshire Federation – Conference Fundraising Sale Lots. 

Lot 1 – 14 Historical Ayrshire Journals from 1964 to 1970. Consigned by Linda & Howard Batty.

Lot 2 – 16 Historical Ayrshire Journals from 1971 to 1974. Consigned by Linda & Howard Batty.

Lot 3 – 15 Historical Ayrshire Journals from 1975 to 1979. Consigned by Linda & Howard Batty.

Lot 4 – Organic Belted Galloway Meat Box. Consigned by Jo Billings.

Lot 5 – Two Toplines at Great Yorkshire Show, UK Dairy Day or South West Dairy Show. Consigned by Wendy Young, Clippaholics.

Lot 6 – Short Break at Woodend Farmhouse, Haugh of Urr. Sleeps up to 8 people in 4 bedrooms, between start of November 2023 and end of May 2024. The house also has a hot tub for 8 to relax in. Either 4 nights Monday – Friday or 3 nights Friday – Monday – depending on availability. Consigned by Keith & Jane Davidson.

Click HERE to view the house.

During the conference, there will also be an opportunity to donate to the World conference by purchasing from the selection of cards created by Linda Batty.



Lot 1 - Ravenhill Nickle Ethel 2
Lot 1 - Ravenhill Nickle Ethel 2
Lot 2 - Gargus Jemima 3 EX97 7E, Dam of Tristar Hail R Jemima
Lot 2 - Gargus Jemima 3 EX97 7E, Dam of Tristar Hail R Jemima
Lot 3 - Sandyford Real Punchy ET EX94 2E, Dam of Embryos
Lot 3 - Sandyford Real Punchy ET EX94 2E, Dam of Embryos
Semen Consignment
Semen Consignment
Lot 4 - Palmyra Calimero R Rose ET, Dam to Embryos
Lot 4 - Palmyra Calimero R Rose ET, Dam to Embryos
How to register instructions
How to register instructions