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Help Required - Survey

6th March 2023

My name is Ellie Saxby, I am completing my BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Animal Science at Harper Adams University, and as part of this course I am completing an honours research project.

I am investigating housing management strategies that are used across the UK and their impact on calf health and welfare. The survey will ask questions about the environment calves are housed in and the incidence of ill health and mortality rates.

I would really appreciate if you could spare 10 minutes to answer this survey, all the answers will remain anonymous. The data that is collected will be only used for this study and all information will be kept confidential. You are free to pull out of the survey at any time. Please answer the questions honestly so that the results are reliable. 

This survey is for UK Dairy Farmers over the age of 18 to carry out.

Click here to complete the survey.