Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Breed Heritage appoints new committee member

10th June 2022



As a representation for the future generation of Ayrshire breeders, we are delighted to announce and welcome Scott Taylor to the Breed Heritage Committee.

Many of you will know Scott as an active and valued member of the Society’s Young Breeders organisation from where he has developed an enormous enthusiasm and passion of the Ayrshire breed and shows an admired interest and knowledge in our Pedigree herd book.

Scott farms along with his family at Upper Braiklay, about 20 miles north of Aberdeen in the Northeast of Scotland which is home to “Old Mill” Ayrshires. The herd consists of 230 cows of which approximately one third are Ayrshires with the remainder of the herd being mostly commercial Holsteins. This is an all-year-round calving herd which are fed on a TMR diet in the winter and grazed by day during the summer months.

Scott has already begun work along with the existing committee to help identify and assist with the development of selected cow families in the UK.

The Breed Heritage Committee wish to thank Geraint Thomas who retires from the committee for his valuable contribution to projects over the past five years.