Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Genomic Testing

Facility to test females within your herd



Genomic testing will provide you with much more information than the traditional Parental Average. It is most useful for calves as these are the animals in your herd with the least known information on their genetic potential. Testing can help you to identify the best breeding animals within your own herd, whilst adding valuable data to the Ayrshire genomic base. It will also help with identifying fertility haplotypes resulting in more informed breeding decisions within your own herd.

Previously, it had been recommended by AHDB that the Ayrshire breed would benefit from using the highest-density chip available (70k) which is the reason why the Society recommended a specific service provider. Due to a more stabilised reference population, members can now test females on a high 50k chip, which is available from your milk recording organisations and all other service providers. This will be evidently both cheaper and easier to manage. The testing process should take no longer than eight weeks.

Over 700 Ayrshire females have now been tested which have been added to the reference population and in turn has increased the reliability of the information we receive. Animals with a call rate below 0.75 remain unable to be reported. These instances are due to either the lack of reference from their sires and maternal grand sires or because their bloodlines are under 75% of Ayrshire blood. 

Please contact the office for any further advice or assistance.