Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Genomic Testing

Facility to test females within your herd

Genomic testing for females can help you to identify the best breeding animals within your own herd, whilst adding valuable data to the Ayrshire genomic base. 

The genomic testing for the Ayrshire breed has run into several problems on female testing. Of the 167 animals submitted so far, 48 of them have failed to be evaluated due to low imputation call rates. As of April AHDB stopped reporting on any animals with a call rate below 0.75. This happens due to the lack of reference from their sires and maternal grand sires and also is affected by the AHDB technology on evaluating smaller breeds. 

New software which is under construction and will help going forward. This is expected to be up and running by September. Also to increase our reliability we must test more sires and maternal grand sires. We will be doing research to identify these bulls in the hope we can test them through semen samples.

Cogent/ST have now confirmed that they can launch the 70k chip for us as soon as we are ready, but until we sort these other issues we suggest we hold off for a little while.

In order for you to know if your females already have a genomic result you should search for them individually on animal search. If the result has passed the evaluation there will be a genomic breakdown on the factsheet page identified with a green G.

If there is no genomic reading they will be run through the system again once the new software is launched hopefully in September. Invoicing will be suspended until after that.

We therefore recommend that we suspend any more submissions for female testing until further notice in order to avoid this build up of unreported data.

Our apologies for this slow process and we hope that our Industry providers can provide us with a better service going forward.