Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Genomic Testing

Facility to test females within your herd

Genomic testing for females can help you to identify the best breeding animals within your own herd, whilst adding valuable data to the Ayrshire genomic base. We have teamed up with Neogen to offer you the facility to test Ayrshire females.

Contact the office to order your starter kit.

Starter kit includes Tissue applicator gun and 10 TSUs to test 10 animals (Includes full instructions) - £46.00 + VAT

Further packs of ten - £20.00 plus VAT

All samples should be sent direct to Neogen in the envelopes provided to you in the kits, along with a submission form which will be sent to you by the office.

Testing costs are £27.50 per animal and will be invoiced once your samples have been processed.