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About Classification

A PDF of explanation and visual aid is available below.

As of 1st February 2019 the following charges will apply:-

Type Classification Service

Flat rate fee of £108.00 for visits of 1 - 15 animals.
For visits where 16 - 100 animals are inspected - £7.21 per animal
From 101st animal to 150th animal the headage fee will reduce to £3.61 per animal
From 151st animal upwards the headage fee reduces to £2.58 per animal
Single Bull inspected alongside females - £15.90
A Classification special visit (defined as a non-scheduled visit outside the regular cycle agreed for that herd) £210.00 (to include the first 20 inspections)
Special Bull visit £108.00
Cancellation charge of less than 3 days’ notice will incur a charge of £108.00

  All the prices listed above are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

For herds using the “Complete” service the TCS element of the monthly subscription fee will rise by 2p per head, for all herd sizes.  For example a 100 cow herd, the new monthly TCS fee will be 0.28p, 200 cows will be 0.24p, etc.

 Please click here for Ayrshire Classification Rules. 

The importance of good conformation has never been greater. Not only from a farmers point of view, but also the milk buyers and the public awareness.

It is the cow of better type that produces high quantities of quality milk with ease and comfort over a long and trouble free lifetime.

The Ayrshire Society's Type Classification Scheme helps farmers achieve cows of good conformation.

Individual type traits are assessed by the classifier and a score is given for Body, Dairy, Mobility and Mammary System before a final score is awarded.

The key benefits of superior graded animals is that they attract higher values than their counterparts.

Specific strengths and weaknesses are highlighted allowing improved corrective breeding decisions to be made.

Most importantly from the classification scores and linear evaluations, the figures are calculated to provide the bull proofs, type merit (for sires) and type index for cows.

The individual type traits are usually expressed in bar chart form.

Classification is the tool that allows breeding decisions to be made within herds and identifies the sires of the next generation, but it depends totally on member participation to achieve these results.