Wanting the best in SEXED straws ??

24th April 2023

Are you looking to use SEXED semen in your breeding program ? then look no further than these fantastic sires who are available today in SEXED ULTRA 4M HIGH PURITY straws-

Alkmonton Stardust A2/A2 (Bigstar x Ambassador)
Ardmore Jeepers Creepers (Modern Class x Prime)
Beechmount Magic Mike A2/A2 amc (Magic x Panache)
Beeline Ladys Man (Remsberg x J.Oblique)
Brieryside Hail (Vicking x J.Oblique)
Cuthill Towers Calcutta A2/A2 (Buster x Reality)
Grove Razell A2/A2 (Nickle x M.Reality)
Harperfield Wind in the Willows (Sands of Time x M.Reality)
Hunnington Fantasy (Supreme x Easlad)
Plaskett Bruno (Hawaiian x Star Performer)

World Wide availability.

Beechmount Magic Mike A2/A2
Beechmount Magic Mike A2/A2
Plaskett Bruno
Plaskett Bruno
Cuthill Towers Calcutta
Cuthill Towers Calcutta