Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Edward Evans Bull Progeny Competition 2023 - The Results!

21st July 2023

It gives the society great pleasure to announce the results for the Edward Evans Bull Progeny competition 2023.

CHAMPION – Cuthill Towers (Group 2) with a group of Cuthill Towers Buster daughters,
RESERVE – Bigginvale (Group 1) with their group of Lyner Oblique Focus daughters.

Our judges for this year's competition were three of the Cattle Services (AYR) Ltd directors, David Christophers, Peter Drummond and Claire Hunter.

Here are some of the comments from our judges:

“I started with Group 2, this was a super team of cows with excellent body capacity and great udders and tracked well. It was their power and body capacity that gave the advantage over this sweet team of heifers in Group 1 who had supper udders and nice clean bone it was their evenness as a team and udder quality that gave them the advantage over the other teams.”

“I lead the competition off with a tremendous group of cows with real dairy character (Group 2). Great strength and width through the chest, deep of rib and excellent rump structure to care the best udders in the class. It was the height and width of rear udders in the group along with their locomotion that give them the advantage over a very balanced group in second (Group 1). My team in second got the advantage over the other groups for their body strength and rump structure.”

“Group 2 were easy winners for me showing consistency, great udders with power and dairy strength, they had the advantage over Group A for their extra power and maturity over sweet group heifers. Group 1 in second place were a sweet balanced group of heifers that appealed for femininity and uniformity. A group with a great deal of potential, it was their uniformity and balance that gave them the advantage over the other groups forward”.


Click here to see the Champion and Reserve teams.


Congratulations to all members who took part and thank you for putting on a great display of Cattle Services daughters for our judges.