Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Isle of Bute Show 2023

Show Date: 9th August 2023

Judge Colin Mair , Dumfries

Breed Champion   Mid Ascog Patricia 3rd D M Lindsay

Reserve Bruchag Deborah  J & C McAlister

Junior Champion  (skyfall)  J & C McAlister

Reserve Junior Mid Ascog Patricia 4 ( Skyfall ) J & C McAlister

Calf under 1 Year

1st J & C McAlister  (Armillo)
2nd J &C McAlister (Fantasy)

Class two Senior calf

1ST J&C McAlister  (Skyfall)
2nd J & C McAlister (Fantasy)

2 Year old

J & C McAlister ( Skyfall)

Heifer in Calf

1st  Messrs Lyon ( Dela Plain B King)
2  A McMillan (Starman)
3 Enda Sheehan (White Lily)

Junior Group of Three

1st  Messrs Lyon Kilchattan
2nd J & C McAlister

Heifer In Milk

1st D M Lindsay ( Spirit of Scotia)
2nd A McMillan ( Starman)
3rd Messrs Lyon ( Dela B )

Junior Cow in Milk

1st D M Lindsay ( Starman )
2nd Messrs Lyon ( Apples Carron)

Senior cow in Milk

1st J & C  McAlister  ( Deborah)
2nd Messrs Kennedy ( Carnell )
3rd Messrs Lyon

Cow in Calf

1st D M Lindsay (Sands of Time )

Pair of Cows

1st Messrs Lyon
2nd J & C McAlister
3rd D M Lindsay

Group of three

1st Messrs Lyon
2nd D M Lindsay
3rd A McMillan

Champion (L) & Reserve (R)
Champion (L) & Reserve (R)