Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

The Royal Ulster Winter Fair 2022

Show Date: 8th December 2022

Judge - Pierre Boulet, Canada

CHAMPION - Gwynnog Triclo Nancy
RESERVE - Fortfield Crystal 96
HM - Glenwood Frankie 3

Maiden Heifer - Born on or after 1st June 2021
1st - Priestland Hail Sierra Lily (S. Brieryside Hail), McClean Family
2nd - Carnell Ringer Snowdrop 2 (S. Blue Spruce Ringer), S & N Baxter
3rd - Kirkinriola Monopoly Joy (S. Moathouse Monopoly), J King
4th - Grove White Dewdrop 33 (S. Pam Ayrs Hawaiian), T Gordon
5th - Carnell Bigtime Snowdrop 3 (S. Marbrae Bigtime), S & N Baxter
6th - Beechmount Crown Lady 4 (S. Pam Ayrs Hawaiian), R & C McConnell

Cow - In calf but not in milk, but having had a least one calf
1st - Fortfield Crystal 96 (S. Cuthill Towers Magic Rock), R Stewart
2nd - Erne Famous Opal (S. Hunnington Famous), S & N Baxter
3rd - Kirkinriola CA Velma (S. Cottown Aftershock), J King
4th - Grove Dewdrop 56 (S. Ravenhill Mister), T Gordon

Heifer - in milk and must have calved by three years of age
1st - Knowe Mix Brown Kate 2 (S. Knowe Pick and Mix) C Keenan
2nd - Beechmount Ethel 20 (S. De La Plaine Blink) R & C McConnell

Cow - In milk in her second lactation
1st - Heydale Winsome 209 (S. Heydale Wingman), J Warden & R Bratney 
2nd - Threemile Blackberry 2 (S. Sandyford Elvis), C Keenan
3rd - Beechmount Vitality Raindrop 2 (S. Rosehill Vitality), R & C McConnell
4th - Erne Platinum Opal (S. Tristar Platinum), S & N Baxter 
5th - Grove Snowdrop 9 (S. Troutbeck Skyfall), T Gordon

Cow - In milk in thrid or later lactation
1st - Gwynnog Triclo Nancy (S. Sandyford Triclo), R Stewart
2nd - Glenwood Frankie 3 (S. Gwynnog Primetime) S Wadsworth 
3rd - Gwynnog Primetime Linnet (S. Gwynnog Primetime, C Keenan
4th - Erne Oblique Pretty (S. Hilltown Oblique), S & N Baxter
5th - Kirkinriola GR Sunrise (S. Grove Ritchie), J King
6th - Grove Dewdrop 48 (S. Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette), T Gordon

Congratulations to all exhibitors once again.

Following the Ayrshire championship, members of the society gathered in and around the ring where Steve Bailey officially handed over the presidency of the society to Andrew Broadley. We would like to thank Steve for all his work during his time as president and wish Andrew all the best.

Champion - Gwynnog Triclo Nancy 3
Champion - Gwynnog Triclo Nancy 3