Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland


2nd June 2022

It gives the society great pleasure to announce the results of the bull progeny competition.

Champion – Cuthill Towers (group B) with their group of Cuthill Towers Buster daughters.
Reserve – Bigginvale (group A) with their group of Gwynnog Primetime daughters.

The oversees judges for the competition were Richard Caverly (USA), Scott Braendler (AUS) and Robert Albertsson (Swe).

Here are some comments from the judges;

“A quite close placing between 1st and 2nd, but the two groups that place at the top of the class I feel are there quite comfortably. Group B places first for me ahead of Group A mainly for their consistent softness of udder texture and height of udder above the hock. Granted the second group are a little more mature in age, and are carrying a power of milk, I feel Group B carries their udder more snuggly and they track on a slightly better set of feet and legs for me in this competition. I love the capacity this second placed group (A) have with their great spring and openness of rib. Both groups stand out for me with consistent correctness in their udders throughout the groups, together with a more correct teat size and shape than the groups placed lower.”


“Group B stands out to me as the most uniform group of cows today, all 4 cows exhibiting tremendous strength and dairyness together with wide and well-attached udders.”


“The A group displays uniformity in their depth and openness of their rib structure, have wide level rumps with this width they have enough room to carry wide rear udders without having to walk around them as they carry their milk and I appreciate the flatness of bone and leg structure. 
The B group in second is appreciated for their width through their chest and veination of udder.” 


Click here to see the champions. 

Congratulations to all members competing for putting on a great display of animals for our judges and Thank you Richard, Scott and Robert for taking the time to judge the competition.