Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Breed Heritage

10th May 2022

The Breed Heritage Committee invite Ayrshire breeders to nominate females for consideration to enter the Breed Heritage programme. We are looking to secure the breeds future by assisting breeders to enhance cow families to their maximum potential and to be bull mother ready. We will be aiming to help breeders to achieve maximum Purity, consistency, production, health and type through the next generations benefitting both the breeder and the breed!

We are particularly interested in outcross families who have consistency through generations. Nominations should ideally outperform their herd mates on production with good components and should not lose time between lactations.

If you have an Ayrshire female of any age that you think a lot of, please contact the Breed Heritage manager on the contact details below.

Duncan Hunter- Hunter Dairy Consulting

Call/Message/WhatsApp 07771826403

Email [email protected]