Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Farmer Recruitment for ADAS Defra funded project

2nd June 2021

Hannah Baldwin is asking for Ayrshire Breeders to get involved with a project about welfare and economic costs of dairy farming

Hannah has recently joined ADAS as a livestock consultant and is heading this project.

Hannah is looking for dairy farmers to take part in a Defra-funded research project to inform development of a future voluntary scheme to financially support farmers in delivering good animal welfare. She is working with the University of Bristol and the Royal Agriculture University as part of this project to collect farm-level data on the welfare and economic costs and benefits of various welfare enhancements.

The data collection process will be carried out remotely, through an online survey and follow up telephone call with the farmer to capture detailed information on the costs and benefits of implementing welfare enhancements. Farmers will be paid £100 for taking part to compensate for their time.

We as a Society hope you will get involved with this project to show the health and welfare of our breed is top notch.