Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

All Britain and Ireland Photographic Competition results Class B, 6-12 months old

9th March 2021

Today we reveal the results for Class B 6-12 month old Calves in our Photographic Competition. Congratulations to the winners.

Champion is B1 Allstar Supreme Joybell 2 owned by Evie Tomlinson

Reserve is B4 Sandyford TTT Fable owned jointly by Toi Toi Genetics, E T Tomlinson & Son & A Timbrell

Honourable Mention is B2 Rosehill Lady Brams owned by WRC & JE Christophers

Champion - Allstar Supreme Joybell
Champion - Allstar Supreme Joybell
Reserve - Sandyford TTT Fable
Reserve - Sandyford TTT Fable
Honourable Mention  - Rosehill Lady Brams
Honourable Mention - Rosehill Lady Brams