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Phase 5 of Scotland’s BVD eradication scheme is coming!

11th November 2019

Phase 5 of Scotland’s BVD eradication scheme is coming!

  • Phase 5 of the BVD eradication scheme will start on 1st December.  Cattle keepers need to continue to meet all existing requirements, and there are additional measures focused on herds where BVD positive animals are retained and herds that have not investigated their BVD Not Negative status. 
  • The guidance for the scheme has been published online and is available here: https://www.gov.scot/publications/guidance-bvd-eradication-scheme-phase-5-december-2019/   All registered cattle keepers in Scotland will receive a hard copy of the guidance in the next week or so.

New measures in Phase 5

  • Check the key points on page 4 of the guidance booklet for the list of new requirements. 
  • From 1st December, there are additional restrictions and duties for herds that have BVD positive animals (PIs and suspect PIs).  There are also new testing requirements for herds that have been BVD Not Negative for more than 15 months: all animals in the herd will need an individual BVD status.  


 The ScotEID Helpline can assist with queries: 0300 244 9823.