Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Classification Price Increase

22nd January 2019

Due to unprecedented increases across direct costs that NBDC are currently experiencing, their board of directors have reluctantly taken the decision to implement a price increase for the classification service they provide to our Society.  We therefore have no option but to pass on these increases to our members.


The main service charges are set out below and will apply to work carried out from 1st February 2019.


Type Classification Service

Flat rate fee of £108.00 for visits of 1 - 15 animals.
For visits where 16 - 100 animals are inspected - £7.21 per animal
From 101st animal to 150th animal the headage fee will reduce to £3.61 per animal
From 151st animal upwards the headage fee reduces to £2.58 per animal
Single Bull inspected alongside females - £15.90
A Classification special visit (defined as a non-scheduled visit outside the regular cycle agreed for that herd) £210.00 (to include the first 20 inspections)
Special Bull visit £108.00
Cancellation charge of less than 3 days’ notice will incur a charge of £108.00


All the prices listed above are subject to VAT at the standard rate.