Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

National Ayrshire Show

Show Date: 11th September 2019

The 2019 National Ayrshire Show held at UK Dairy Day was again a huge success for the breed, with Allstar Triclo Joybell winning grand champion and reserve champion in the Interbreed Heifer Championship, congratulations to the Tomlinson family for winning the National Ayrshire show premier breeder.


Judge: Gilmour Lawrie

Ayrshire Grand Championship

Champion: Allstar Triclo Joybell, E T Tomlinson & Son

Reserve Champion: Sandyford Provider Fragrance, E T Tomlinson & Son

Honourable Mention: Hunnington Tornado Fragy, L & C Window

Ayrshire Heifer Championship

Champion: Allstar Triclo Joybell, E T Tomlinson & Son

Reserve Champion: Wroughton Honeycombe, M Windel

Ayrshire Junior Heifer in Milk

  1. Stardust Supreme Queenie, E T Tomlinson & Son
  2. Fineview Skyfall April 2, R & S Clark
  3. Longwood Prime Barbara, T Crawford & Co Ltd
  4. Beeline Dreamer Ladybird, S N Bailey & Partners
  5. Whitegate Snowball 3, I Patrick
  6. Crayola Platinum Hunny, C & N Lockyer

Ayrshire Senior Heifer in Milk

  1. Allstar Triclo Joybell, E T Tomlinson & Son
  2. Wroughton Honeycombe, M Windel
  3. Willowfields Winnie 3rd, Firm of D M Lindsay 
  4. Hunnington Snowflake 9, L & C Window
  5. Hunnington Wren 9, L & C Window 

Ayrshire Junior Cow (2 Calves)

  1.  Sandyford Provider Fragrance,E T Tomlinson & Son
  2. Hunnington Tornado Fragy, L & C Window
  3. Hilltower Supreme Marcy, A & S Lawri
  4. Morwick Kirsty 11, D A Howie & Sons
  5. Paith Burdette Eclipse 2, I Thomas
  6. Jamara Nickle Gladys, J Seeddall
  7. Bruchag McCoy Marjorie, J Cornish & Sons
  8. Wigboro Wick Panache Joybell, J Smith
  9. Wroughton Mayflower, M Windel
  10. Garetthall Snowball 8, I Patrick

Ayrshire Intermediate Cow (3 Calves)

  1. Harperfield Sandy Rose, Firm of D M Lindsay 
  2. Cuthill Towers Harrys Miss Blondie, A & S Lawrie
  3. Sandyford Lucky Florrie, E T Tomlinson & Son
  4. Hunnington Fragy 22, L & C Window
  5. Marleycote Sea Lily 23, G G Baynes
  6. Millford Vital Mayflower, Alan Timbrell 

Ayrshire Senior Cow in Milk (4 Calves or more)

  1. Longwood Woodrow Sandy Rose, Toi Toi Genetics 
  2. Willowfields Winnie 2nd,Firm of D M Lindsay 
  3. Hunnington Astral-Maid, L & C Window
  4. Morwick Kirsty 9, D A Howie & Sons 
  5. Butterbesley Viobull Sarah, J Cornish & Sons
  6. Wroughton Susan, M Windel 

Ayrshire Breeders Group of 3

E T Tomlinson & Son

National Ayrshire Show Premier Breeder

E T Tomlinson & Son

Red & White Heifer in Milk

Judge: Patrick Rüttimann

  1. Rockset Integral Rae Red, Eastford Holsteins
  2. Pinupgirl Awesome Sangria, B Weatherup & Partners
  3. Trigarn Absolute Kaylie Red, I R Morgan
  4. Wolfa Awesome Anna 260, Messrs M Armstrong


Red & White Cow in Milk

  1.  Panda Heart Of Gold Red, Panda Holsteins
  2.  Beeline Texas Swan 2, S N Bailey & Partner
  3.  Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red, Eastford Holsteins
  4.  Cricketfield Integral Rae Red, P Mellors
  5.  Morwick Ruth 158, D A Howie & Sons
  6.  Arbennig Destry Scarlet Red, R Williams






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Champion Line Up
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