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National Ayrshire Sale Top Prices 2015

Sale Date: 4th November 2015

The seventh National Ayrshire sale to be held at Borderway Carlisle featured animals from many of the leading herds in the UK, and included outstanding heifers in milk, bulls and in-calf heifers.  This event also included the first sale to disperse the Ballygreggan Ayrshire herd owned by the Millar family from Kintyre.  Trade topped at 4,000 gns to average £1444 for an almost complete clearance.   It is worth mentioning that the quality on offer was superb, heifers giving 30 kgs with amazing udders certainly look tremendous value when compared to twelve months ago.   

The event was sponsored by Almins and the show was judged by John Watson owner of the High Mark herd near Stranraer.  His Overall Champion went Ballgreggan Kim Nav 7 a beautiful balanced cow fresh in her fifth lactation giving 34kg.  She was sired by McCornick Navigator and was a successfully shown cow at the Kintye Show for the Millar family.  She sold for 1,750 gns to the judge.

The Reserve Champion went to an amazing uddered heifer from A & S Lawrie, Fife – Cuthill Towers Harrys Rhona had been classified VG 85 two year old and was producing 35 kg.  She sold for 1,800 gns to the judge.

Topping the trade at 3,000 gns was a stylish heifer from the Lawrie family - Cuthill Towers Burdette Marcey was sired by Burdette and bred from a VG 88 dam who gave over eleven thousand kilos as a four year old.  She was purchased by G R Thomas, Tyreglwys Farm, Dyfed, Wales.

The champion bull was consigned by D A Howie & Sons - Morwick Prince Rocky was sired by Kamouraska Rockstar and bred from a EX 93 Sand Ranger dam with over 60 ton lifetime.  This extremely stylish bull topped the bull trade at 3,300 gns going to J Adamson & Son, Swaities Farm, Lanark.

Ballygreggan Dispersal

Following the National Sale Archie and Tracey Millar owner of the Ballygreggan herd from the southern tip of the Mull of Kintrye dispersed the first portion of their prize winning Ayrshire herd.  As already mentioned their fifth calved cow Ballygreggan Kim Nav 7 was Overall Champion selling for 1,750 gns.

Topping this special herd was Ballygreggan Clover 7 sired by Willsbro Red Razzle.  She had been Grand Champion at the Kintyre Autumn Show in 2014 and also won Best Individual heifer in the Kintyre Herd competition. She was dry and due soon to Ravenhill Stormin Norman and sold for 4,000 gns to the Cuthill Towers herd.

A special third calved cow sold for 2,250 gns to the Keith Davidson from the Halmyre herd - Ballygreggan Jura 8 was sired by Cuthill Towers Romeo and bred from an EX 91 dam with over 60 ton lifetime.  This stylish show cow is expected to compete at Agriscot in a few weeks time.

In-calf heifers topped at 1,800 gns for a Poos Stadel Classic daughter bred from an EX dam with super components.

The show and sale results from this year's Ayrshire National Sale are as follows:

Show results


  1. Lot 60 Morwick Prince Rocky
  2. Lot 58 Brocklehill Elgin
  3. Lot 66 Stevensons Reliable

Cows in milk

  1. Lot 105 Ballygreggan Kim Nav 7
  2. Lot 116 Ballygreggan Beana
  3. Lot 137 Ballygreggan Sadie 13

Ayrshire heifer in milk

  1. Lot 24 Cuthill Towers Harrys Rhona
  2. Lot 30 Cuthill Towers Burdette Tot
  3. Lot 17 Cuthill Towers Harrys Rae

Red and White heifer

  1. Lot 40 Cuthill Towers Harrys Noel
  2. Lot 9 Swaites Brown Star 12
  3. Lot 20 Cuthill Towers Freds Susan

Champion - Lot 105 Ballygreggan Kim Nav 7
Reserve - Lot 24 Cuthill Towers Harrys Rhona

Top prices


  • Lot 60 : 3300 gns - buyer J Adamson & son
  • Lot 59 : 2600 gns - buyer WS Millar & son
  • Lot 70 : 2300 gns - buyer M T Partington
  • Lot 57 : 2200 gns - buyer M Hose
  • Lot 66 : 2200 gns - buyer J McGhie & Sons


  • Lot 133 : 4000 gns - buyer A & S Lawrie
  • Lot 34 : 3000 gns - buyer G R Thomas
  • Lot 118 : 2250 gns - buyer L Davidson & Sons
  • Lot 161 : 1900 gns - buyer D & C Sanderson
  • Lot 40 : 1900 gns - buyer R Danforth
  • Lot 137 : 1900 gns - buyer T Cameron


Bulls £2018
Females £1480