Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland

2018 ACS Conference Sale

Sale Date: 16th May 2018

At the recent ACS Conference sale a record price for a young calf was achieved of £10,800. Rhos Pamelas Hunny ET is a February 2018 born Hunnington Mandella daughter out of the EX95 3E Haresfoot Simply Red Pamela. Phil and Lorenza Reed consigned Hunny to the conference sale offering the very best genetics from the Rhos herd. The successful purchasers were a syndicate from G Lawrie and Sons (Brieryside) M Howie (Morwick) and J McAlistair (Bruchag).

The second top price was £3500 for the 12 month old Gwynnog Oblique Punchy from Geraint Thomas. Punchy joins the Morwick herd from Michael Howie. She is a Hilltown Oblique daughter out of Haresfoot Napier Punch EX94 4E.

Embryos sold for a top price of £400 each. This was for Blaise Tomlinsons consignment of 4 embryos Sandyford Maple Clover X Celandine First Lord and sold to Brent Crothers.

Four semen packages were sold to a top price of £46 per straw for 10 straws of Roi Festival. Blaise Tomlinson was the succesful purchaser. Cuthill Towers Barney Rubble sold for £38 to Willie Whiteford and for the same price Harry Bolderson purchased the Brocklehill Harvest Gold package.