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From Genomic Sire to Proven Sire.

20th April 2023

Whitecroft Panell was one of the first young sires who had their genomics released. Genomics have given breeders more information on the bull that they are using rather than the traditional parent averages. It is very pleasing to see that Panell's daughter proof is actually higher than his genomic estimations. Below are some of his differences from a young genomic sire to a proven sire-

  • Genomic Type Merit 0.2, Daughter Proven Type Merit 1.6. 
  • Genomic Udder 0.5, Daughter Proven Udder 1.5.
  • Genomic Feet & Legs -0.1, Daughter Proven Feet & Legs 1.2.
  • Genomic Production 70, Daughter Proven Production 211.

Whitecroft Panell has straws available today to use in your breeding program.

Whitecroft Emmie 150 - sired by Whitecroft Panell
Whitecroft Emmie 150 - sired by Whitecroft Panell