Cattle Services (Ayr) Limited

April 2023 Proof News.

6th April 2023

The April proof run once again yielded some fantastic results for bulls available from Cattle Services. 

Cuthill Towers Buster (Oblique x White Knight) once again is the Number 1 type bull available in the UK, Buster has a final type score of 2.3 with a breakdown of 1.8 for udder and 1.7 for feet and legs, he is also a plus for both fat and protein %. Buster is available in conventional straws and also his son Cuthill Towers Calcutta is available in Sexed Ultra High purity and conventional straws. 

The number one feet and legs bull is Swaites Dermott (Modern Reality x Potter), Dermott's sire West Mossgiel Modern Reality has held this position for a while but has now been pushed off the top spot by his son. Dermott still has conventional straws available and has an exceptional rating of 2.2 for feet and legs.

This proof run also saw 4 bulls debut with their first daughter proofs, The Gunnarstorp son of Tontine Ideo Wellcome EX93 , Tontine Astorwell debuted with a fantastic first proof, he has a PLI of £330, a rating of 481KG for milk, a cell count of -9 and a fertility index of 3.7, he also is a 100% bull. Astorwell has conventional straws available to the UK market.

One of the first sires who was released as a genomic sire gained his first daughter proof which was higher than his genomic predictions. Whitecroft Panell is a Panache son of Whitecroft Nellie 49 who was classified EX94 (4E). Panell has a very balanced proof with ratings of 1.6 for type merit, 1.5 feet and legs, 1.2 mammary systems alongside £187 PLI, 211KG milk with a fertility index of 3.6. Panell is an A2/A2 sire and is available in conventional straws.

Sandyford Time lord and Heydale White Willow are the other two sires who got their first proofs, Time Lord (First Lord x Remington) has a great production score of 380KG milk and £158 PLI and has conventional straws available. Heydale White Willow is a plus for production, fat and protein % and also has a type merit rating of 0.6. His final PLI is £100, White Willow has conventional straws available and is a Hilltown Oblique son of Heydale Winsome 109 who was classified EX94.

 As well as these great proven sires Cattle Services have Sexed semen from a great line up of genomic tested sires.