Cattle Services (Ayr) Limited

December 2019 Proof Highlights

4th December 2019

Another exciting proof run again saw bulls available from Cattle Services excel in many different charts

Rosehill Manderville once again cemented his place as the Number 1 UK Proven Sire with a fantastic rating of £549 PLI and a Type Merit of 1.1. Manderville is a Ardmore Crown Napier son of Rosehill Black Magenta EX93. Manderville is available in SEXED Ultra 4m and conventional straws.

Manderville's maternal brother Rosehill Real Mccoy is once again the Number 1 UK proven Production sire with an impressive final rating of 754kg. Mccoy is available for the world wide market in conventional straws and is sired by Palmyra Tri Star Reality.

A sire who combines great type and health traits is West Mossgiel Modern Reality. Modern Reality is a Palmyra Tri Star Reality son of an EX 93 pointed west Mossgiel Miss Modern. He currently sits at the top of the Feet & legs chart with a score of 2.4 and top of the SCC chart with a score of -17. There is a limited amount of Modern Reality available. 

Haresfoot Panache continues to be the Number 1 fat % bull with an impressive rating of 0.28. Panache is a Lagace Ristourn son of Haresfoot Enigma Pamela who is classified EX94 (6E). Panache is still available to the World wide market.  Standing second to Panache in the fat % list is Troutbeck Skyfall, Skyfall is a Palmyra Tri Star Reality brother of West Mossgiel Modern Reality. Skyfall has one of the most complete linear's available today with a rating of 278kg of production with a 0.27% fat. He also has a fertility index of 7.5 and a Type Merit of 0.7. 

If Type is what you are looking to improve within your heard then Changue Stadium and Gwynnog Primetime are both breed leaders. Stadium is a Stadel son bred from Changue Petula 38 who was classified EX92. Stadium is the current Number 1 Ayrshire and Red and White sire available for Type, Stadium has straws available for the UK market only. Gwynnog Primetime sits very high in a lot of the Type lists with a rating of 2.4. Primetime is a De la plaine Prime son of Haresfoot Napier Punch EX94. Primetime has straws available today for the World Wide Market. 

For more information on these sires please click on the Sires page to view the full Type proofs of each bull.