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15th August 2019

The August proof run once again yielded some very impressive results for bulls in the Cattle Services stud. Cattle Services continues to be focused on sourcing and proving bulls bred in the UK, which are bred from the best cows/cow families in the UK and then proven on UK farms under UK conditions.

Leading the way again was Rosehill Manderville. Manderville is a Ardmore Crown Napier son of Rosehill Black Magenta EX93 3E. He has the following outstanding traits of £497 for PLI which includes a -13 Cell count rating, and 376kg milk with 0.22% fat and 0.04% protein.  His daughters also look good with Manderville having an overall Type Merit rating of 1 with 0.9 for udders and 0.5 for feet & legs. Manderville is available in both sexed ultra 4m and conventional straws. 

If Type is what you are wanting to add to your breeding program then Gwynnog Primetime is the bull to use. Primetime is the Number 1 Type Merit sire available in the UK, he has a final Type Merit score of 2.8 with breakdowns of 2.4 feet & legs and 1.9 mammary systems. Alongside these outstanding type figures Primetime also has a great PLI of £247. This De la plaine Prime son of Haresfoot Napier Punch EX94 5E is available today in conventional straws for worldwide distribution.

One of the most complete sires on the market is Troutbeck Skyfall (Palmyra Tri Star Burdette x West Mossgiel Miss Modern 5 EX93 2E). Skyfall has a great mix of having high health traits £354 PLI , 6.8 fertility index with great production of 251kg  with components of 0.25% fat, 0.04% protein and good type. His type proof is one of the most balanced proofs in today's market with breakdowns of 0.7 Type Merit, 0.9 Mammary Systems and 0.6 Feet & Legs. Skyfall is available in conventional straws.

Available in both Sexed Ultra 4m and conventional straws is Hilltown Oblique, Oblique is a Jelyca Oblique son of Hilltown Snowball 466 EX94 5E. Oblique has a rating of 2.2 Type merit and £272 PLI. he is also a positive for production with 240kg milk and 0.08% fat. Oblique continues to be one of the best available all round Ayrshire sires on the market. 

Swaites Nickle is another sire who brings together high type and great health traits. Nickle is a Haresfoot Panache son of Swaites Nonny 5 EX93 2E. He has a final rating of £292 PLI , -12 SCC and a rating of 170kg Milk with components of 0.17% fat and 0.02% protein. Alongside this he has an impressive type of 0.6 with 0.8 mammary systems. Nickle is available today in conventional straws.

For more information on these and many more breed leading sires please check the sires page.