Cattle Services (Ayr) Limited

August Proof News

21st August 2016

The August proof run has yielded some fantastic results for sires that are marketed through Cattle Services (Ayr) Ltd.  It has again cemented Cattle Services’ place as the leading supplier of Ayrshire genetics in the UK. Many chart topping sires are now available through Cattle Services; whatever your breeding goals are, you can be assured that the sires are tried and tested in the UK under different farming conditions giving you piece of mind that our sires are suited to the UK farming systems.

Leading the line-up is West Mossgiel Modern Reality who remains the number 1 available type and PLI sire. Modern Reality is also the number one feet and legs sire. Some more of his outstanding traits are:
•    £386 PLI 
•    8.7 Fertility Index
•    -16 Somatic Cell Count
•    2.1 Type Merit
Modern Reality is available worldwide in conventional straws. His daughters are performing very well across the UK.

Hilltown Oblique had another great proof run; his type figures are rising which is following the trend in how his daughters are maturing. Oblique has a fantastic all-round proof with great type and management traits.  His balanced proof includes:
•    0.06% Fat
•    4.1 Fertility Index
•    -12 Somatic Cell Count 
•    Type Merit 1.6
•    1.0 Mammary
•    1.1 Feet and Legs
Oblique straws are available as sexed and conventional in Northern Ireland. Conventional straws are available in mainland UK and worldwide with sexed straws for this market being available in the autumn.

The Number 1 available production and type sire is Rosehill Real McCoy. McCoy brings together great type and production meaning his daughters don’t just look good, they also work hard. McCoy has a great rating of 459 for milk. He is a 100% Ayrshire sire that is available worldwide in conventional straws. 

The old favourite Ardmore Crown Napier cements himself as one of the greatest sires of all time with his rank of number 5 for mammary systems in the breed. His superb traits include:
•    1.8 Type Merit
•    1.5 Mammary 
•    1.0 Feet and Legs
•    £232 PLI
Napier is breeding fantastic daughters across the world, and is the sire of the current UK National Champion Cuthill Towers Crown Ray EX. Napier has straws available for worldwide distribution.

Bigginvale Destination holds his place as one of the best component sires available - he is rated number 3 UK proven Fat and Protein % sire. Destination is also a leg improvement sire with a rating of 1.6. Destination is available in mainland UK only in conventional straws. 

Waxham Executive continues to be a leading sire within the breed - he has now sold out in mainland UK, but he does have a small quantity of stock available in Northern Ireland. Executive is the number 6 feet and legs sire in the breed, and he is also ranked as the number 7 available type sire. Executive has a nice final type rating of 2.0.

The number 1 % fat sire for UK proven bulls is Haresfoot Panache. Panache has an outstanding rating of 0.19% alongside + for both production and protein % and a rating of -14 for cell counts. Panache has straws available for the worldwide market.

Other sires that have graduated with great proofs are Brocklehill Kestral and East Church Patrolman. Kestral is ranked as the number 6 available fertility index sire and Patrolman is the number 15 PLI sire with a nice type rating of 1.1. Both of these have semen available in conventional straws.

Other sires making an impact in the available Ayrshire and Red and White rankings include:
•    Changue Stadium (37.5%) who is one of the highest type sires available with a final rating of 2.7 for type, 2.1 feet and legs and a PLI of £207.
•    West Mossgiel Class Talent (25%) who is the sire of the Agri Scot super heifer 2016, continues to be one of the highest available udder bulls. Class Talent has a score of 2.1 for mammary systems, a PLI of £188 and a final score of 1.6 type merit.
•    West Mossgiel Aramis (12.5%) combines great type and production. He has a superb milk production score of 630 and nice type figures of 1.6 and a rating of 1.9 feet and legs.

If you are looking for any information on any sires or would like to see what stock we have available, please do not hesitate to contact me - Sam Wake  - Tel: 07803  515626 / Email: sales@cattleservices.org