Cattle for Sale

In our continuous efforts to provide our visitors with the most accurate and up to date information concerning all aspects of the Ayrshire breed, this page will now be subject to a 3 month update.

The dates shown are when the sellers have contacted us to place or update their entry. After 3 months, if entries have not been updated by either contacting us or telephoning the office (details at bottom of page), the entry will be removed.

This will hopefully encourage sellers to keep us updated more frequently on the status of their stock and provide buyers with a greater amount of recent information.

Seller Contact Area Animal Datesort icon
W R C & J E Christophers 01872 540400 Cornwall

Bulls for sale - Rosehill His Majesty, Rosehill Macho and Rosehill Magnitude. All ready to work.

Females are also available for sale.  

Apr 16 2014
Mr T Howe 07970 009133 Truro

27 pedigree Ayrshire heifers from the Gadles herd to be sold by Kivells at  Exeter Market on Friday May 2nd

Apr 16 2014
David Douglas 07702 823685 Dumfriesshire

In-calf and calved heifers for sale.

Apr 16 2014
M/s Armstrong 01900 881239 Cumbria

Bulls for sale - 
Plaskett Jolly Roger
Plaskett Joint Celebration
Plaskett Joel
Plaskett Olympian - TB4, BVD and IBR tested clear.

Apr 3 2014
Mr Ody 01256 850050 Hampshire

For sale - 120 pure Ayrshire cows and in-calf heifers from a closed herd.

Apr 3 2014
D & C Gibson 01298 872016 Derbyshire

Bull for sale - Haresfoot Oreo

Mar 26 2014
M W & A Stevenson 01581 400243 Stranraer

For sale - Heifers calving spring, July, Sept and Oct. time. BVD Free.

Feb 6 2014
H W Oultram & Co 01244 532108 Flintshire

Bulls for sale:  Stamford High Definition, Stamford Class Leader and Stamford Black Diamond.

For sale - Heifers due to calve April/May 2014.

No TB.

Jan 9 2014