Cattle Services (Ayr) Limited

A fantastic proof Run for Cattle Services

7th December 2017

The recent December Proof run saw Cattle Services bulls achieve some superb results.

The stud now has 3 proven  sires that are ranked over £350 for PLI. Leading the way is the newly proven Whitecroft Furtado. Furtado is a burdette son of the outstanding Whitecroft Nellie 38 who herself is classified EX94. Furtado has the outstanding rating of £387 for PLI alongside further traits of 412kg of milk and an outstanding Fertility Index of 7.9. As well as these high scores for management traits Furtado also boosts great Type figures of 1.9 Type Merit, 1.5 Mammary Systems and 1.7 for Feet & Legs.

The next sire to achieve the £350 plus PLI rating is Hilltown Oblique, Oblique's 3 nearest dams have all completed 11 lactations each. His dam is Hilltown Snowball 466 who is classified EX94. Oblque has the outstanding type ratings of 2.4 for Type Merit, 1.2 Mammary systems and 2.2 for Feet and Legs. Oblique's PLI rating is £366 with a fertility Index of 6.1.

The third sire is Rosehill Manderville. Manderville boosts a PLI rating of £355. Manderville is a Crown Napier son of the EX93 pointed Rosehill Black Magenta. Not only does Manderville have a great PLI he also has positive % in both his fat and protein ratings, alongside a production rating of 324 kg and a Type Merit of 1.7.

All 3 of these oustanding bulls have semen available, figures like these have rarely been seen with proven Ayrshire Sires.