Cattle Services (Ayr) Limited

August Proof News

8th August 2017

The August 2017 proof run again yielded some impressive results for bulls in the Cattle Services stud. Cattle Services have a wide range of breed leading sires available today to enhance your breeding program. Some of them are

  • Rosehill Real Mccoy - Number 1 Production Sire
  • Haresfoot Panache - Number 1 Fat % and weight of Fat Sire
  • West Mossgiel Modern Reality - Number 1 Feet and Legs Sire and the Number 2 UK Type Merit Sire
  • Hilltown Oblique - Number 3 PLI and Lifespan Sire
  • Willhome Challenger - Number 3 Udder Bull
  • Changue Stadium - Number 1 Ayrshire Type Merit Sire

All of the above sires have straws available.